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Le Blog Destination Français

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language immersion course

lucie fait du shopping à Aix
lucie fait du shopping à Aix

Lucie in Aix en Provence

Lucie, a young American girl of 16 from Florida undertook a two-week « séjour linguistique » (language immersion program) in June.

The classes :

The program featured two hours of classes in the morning in a lovely salon de thé and two hours of on-site practice or « cours en contexte » afternoons. Lucie reinforced and enriched her knowledge of vocabulary and grammar in numerous communicative situations. Then, on site, she learned practical vocabulary at the market, in stores, at the Office of Tourism, in the streets, as well as a lot of new cultural vocabulary at the Hôtel Caumont, the Musée Granet, and the Fondation Vasarely among other places. Cézanne’s still lifes and the optical illusions of Vasarely no longer hold any secrets for her!

The French friends :

She had the fortunate experience of linguistic and cultural exchange with French teenagers her own age during lunches, dance spectacles, and outings, and created ties of friendship with Olivia, who lives in the provençal countryside and shares many similar interests with Lucie.

The French family:

Lucie lived for two weeks in an immersion homestay with a charming French family. She immediately felt adopted into her new family and learned many things about French culture and daily life the French way. Her host family shared magnificent,moments that were equally authentic, watching French soccor from the 2016 Euro series, taking place to the national annual neighbors party” la fête des voisins” and going on a hiking excursion with an outdoor group, all moments she will remember forever.


Lucie also took a Saturday trip to Marseille to visit the oldest city of France. She brought back a handsome soccor shirt from the Soccor Club « l’OM » for her cousin.

Lucie thoroughly took advantage of her time during her linguistic immersion experience and made enormous progress in French. Fabienne and I were thrilled to work with a young woman who was so dynamic, curious, and charming.

Lucie's testimony

In her satisfaction questionnaire , Lucie wrote : « Thank you so much for the continuous support and love. I will remember this trip forever. Hopefully I will be able to come back soon. »

A bientôt Lucie et bonne continuation avec ton français ! Until Soon, Lucie, and good luck your further pursuits of French ! Chantal et Fabienne

Lucie à la Rotonde

Lucie à la Rotonde

Lucie and her French Friend Olivia

Lucie and her French Friend Olivia

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